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userWe only offer real Facebook fans, Twitter followers and YouTube views to our clients. We strongly believe that real results can only be achieved through real traffic. Be ready to interact, communicate and commerce with thousands of real and active users.

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icon2We have an outstanding record in delivering high quality services in a fraction of time. Not only that, but we offer many bonuses, over deliver in every purchase and back you up with an unconditional and no question asked 30 days money back guarantee. 

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icon3We are doing our best to not only serve our clients but also to educate them about social media marketing. We offer real time support and we answer every question you may have in no time! You will experience support you have ever encountered!

Boost your Internet marketing efforts!

If you are looking for marketing solutions that have been individually crafted to meet your specific marketing needs, then you should be speaking Social Media Marketingto us. There was a time when marketing was mostly about managing a website and blog. However, the entire online marketing landscape is changing because of the disruptive changes that have been introduced by social networking services such as twitter and Facebook.

There have been several instances where companies are doing away with websites altogether in favor of a Facebook page and twitter page. This is how it is now and we can help your current position in social media go places. Only social media experts like us, who really understand how social networks work. How people use them as part of their daily life can help you with this uphill task. Social networks are like any other real world network.

Ask yourself. What is it that differentiates a social network from a website or a brochure or even a blog? Evolution! We at Blastagon understand this evolutionary nature of social networking. This understanding helps us keep track of the variety of trends that come and go in social media marketing. What worked just a few hours ago may no longer be relevant a day from now! That is how fast changes in social networks happen. We are ready to adapt to that change and that is how you stand to gain from letting us help you.

As an organization that is offering services, you are always looking to maximizing your returns on marketing. Multiple research reports have indicated that social media marketing allows you to reach more targeted users and prospects for less expense. At Blastagon, we believe that the only thing stopping you from making the most of this vast potential is the lack of expertise in using sociasm1l media. Let us manage your social media services requirement. We will ensure that your message reaches precisely those users you want to reach.

Social media is a fairly new technology and you obviously have a lot of questions. We know that and Blastagon believes in giving you all the answers you are looking for. You will see that our people will stand by you with support before and after the sale of the service. You can expect a number of flexible plans. We even offer money back guarantee of 30 days.

Genuine Social Media Users
At Blastagon, we understand that the only sort of social media user that is going to have an impact on your bottom line is a real one. Which is why, we ensure that every social media user, be it be Facebook, twitter or Google+, is a real individual.

Making You Happy
You will really begin to appreciate our quick turnaround times when you buy any one of our services. Time is money is business. We believe in surprising our customers, you can expect goodies along with your purchases. Don’t forget that we have a 30 day money back offer. In the rare scenario that you are not pleased with the service you purchased.

Talk To Us
Social media is still uncharted territory for a number of businesses. So, before you jump in and buy one of our services, we know that you will have dozens of questions. It is only fair that you want to know more about the service you are paying for. Any query you have about our services and social media, drop in a line and we promise quick and timely responses. In fact, our support folk would be pleased if you could ask as many questions as possible, just so that we know that you are fully aware of the services you are buying.


Professionalism, fast turnaround times, great prices, huge over delivering, around the clock friendly presales and aftersales support. What more can someone asks? I have bought many times from Gramion.com and they have never betrayed my trust. I recommend their services with my eyes closed ! Jimmy S. Hruby, Saint Louis

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