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Build links from sites that only you control. Nobody can spam, deindex, devaluate or unveil your inventory.
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Select the best URLs

Using a wide variety of filters you can choose only the most powerful URLs where you present your links.
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Natural scheduling

All the links that you build are automatic scheduled in a natural way. Adjust everything easy and in realtime!
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Build your Favorites list, manage blacklists, automatically select URLs and create links, and many more are available!
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The most complete SEO platform that has ever been build!

Facts about SEO in 2015

Have you ever used software for automatic posting your links to public platforms? Of course you do, most of us did this during the recent past. Unfortunatelly search engines have evolved and have marked all those public sites as spam. In addition to this fact,, links coming from those sites are toxic and have a negative impact to our rankings.

Blastagon has come to change this.

Clients Say

  • I have user many SEO automation tools during the past. From article directories submitters, social bookmarking tools and forum profile creators. I used to have results but not after 2013. Blastagon is the present and future of SEO. Thank you guys for providing us such powerful tool!
    Tim BarkleyCommunication & Marketing Manager, UAE
  • Personally I am a heavy user of link networks and especially SAPE. Unfortunately after their targeting from Google they lost completely their capability to boost websites. Not only that, using them has lead me 9 out of 10 times to the oblivion of SERPs. With Blastagon I am 100% sure that all the links that I build are from safe
    Lisa WhistlerConsultant
  • Aenean nonummy hendrerit mau phasellu porta. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis. Ut viverra mauris justo, quis auctor nisi. Suspendisse sit amet diam diam, eget volutpat lacus.
    Mr. John AndersonDesigner

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